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Special Request

When I order up a sandwich
On a long, commercial flight,
I’m really not too fussy.
I just want a decent bite.
I can take or leave the mayo.
I don’t mind a slice of cheese.
You can add a spear of pickle too,
But hold the needle please!

It’s a singular aversion
That I really can’t explain,
But to simplify the matter,
I’m just not that into pain!
I’ve never cared for any food
That burned or chafed or stung.
You can slice my turkey all you like,
But please don’t pierce my tongue!

So pile the greasy bacon on
And add some jowl of hog.
If you want to push the envelope,
Slap on some Crunchy Frog!
You can add a slice of fugu
‘Cause I feel like Japanese.
I’ll eat what’s put in front of me,
But hold the needle please!


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