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Creature Feature

I can deal with ghosts and poltergeists
that haunt me in the night.
If the zombies come in search of flesh,
they’re welcome to a bite.
I can handle monsters, maniacs,
and snakes upon a plane,
But it creeps me out like crazy
when amoebas eat my brain!

They attack the hapless swimmer
in the waters of the South.
They enter through the sinuses
(though not, it seems, the mouth).
Then they suck the cerebellum
like the Thing that Mangled Maine!
It’s a chill-inducing nightmare
when amoebas eat your brain!

So the aliens may probe me
with their scary colon-cam,
And if Dracula himself appears,
I’ll hardly give a damn.
It’s a singular aversion,
so don’t ask me to explain,
But I really, really hate it
when amoebas eat my brain!



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  1. Andre wrote:

    Hehe. My sister was interviewed last week back in Baton Rouge about her reaction to the recent amoeba encounters. I’m sending this to her.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

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