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Liquid Asset

The markets are all in a jittery mood.
The Dow is in shambles, the NASDAQ is screwed.
But there’s one thing to do when the panic sets in.
I’m investing my money in Beefeater Gin!

Beefeater Gin!  Beefeater Gin!
I’m sinking it all into Beefeater Gin!

When stocks are inflated and pop like a bubble,
I plunge into gin until everything’s double!
Then each little buck has its very own twin.
The returns are astounding from Beefeater Gin!

Beefeater Gin!  It’s a guaranteed win!
The smart money’s always on Beefeater Gin!

The Blue chips are crumbling, but what do I care
If Wal-Mart has tumbled to three cents a share?
Though my 401K is anemic and thin,
If they’re selling, I’m buying more Beefeater Gin!

Beefeater Gin!  It’s as easy as sin
To ride out the market on Beefeater Gin!



One Comment

  1. Muriel San & Jack bu wrote:

    So true Scotty.

    We never really started climbing out of the 1930′s depression toward the prosperous 1960 until FDR repealed prohibition and people could be legally happy again.

    Try fighting the fu**ing war sober!

    23 skado buckaroo

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 10:52 am | Permalink

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