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Cap’n Courageous

Bold sailors were we on a two percent sea,
A right jolly and nautical bunch.
The first mate was Willie, the bosun was Billy,
Our captain Horatio M. Crunch.

We’d lend him our ears and he’d scuttle our fears
When conditions were stormy or foggy.
“If the Guppy should sink, you’ll be dunked in the drink,
Yet somehow you’ll never get soggy!”

‘Twas a foolhardy act if a pirate attacked,
For he’d suffer a fate to be dreaded.
Old Crunch and his chums, they would rough up his gums
And the roof of his mouth would be shredded!

An adventurous crew, we were able and true,
Quite the model of navy material.
And forever we’ll sail.  There’s no end to our tale.
(Cap’n Crunch, as you know, is a serial!)



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  1. Myra Zirkle wrote:

    Scott, this is wonderful. But please! 7:47 a.m.??!!! The first thing you did after getting up, practically? You make the rest of us look like a scurvy bunch, indeed!

    Looks like you are doing just fine. We miss you at work, of course, but you’ve probably already heard that your leaving was like three writers walking out…

    :) Myra

    Monday, March 14, 2011 at 8:28 am | Permalink

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