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Medical Miracle

You can take Amoxicillin
Or the latest sulfa drugs,
A dose or two of Theraflu
In hot and steaming mugs,
You can mess with beta blockers,
But the remedy you need
Is a simple inhalation
Of some good old-fashioned weed!

It’ll cure appendicitis,
Meningitis and the croup.
It’ll loosen up the sluices
When it’s difficult to poop!
If you’re prone to deep depression,
If you’re apt to bruise or bleed,
If your heartbreak is psoriasis,
Just try a little weed!

Heartburn pain?
Mary Jane!

Hurts to pee?
Try some tea!

Jungle rot?
Smoke some pot!

Itchy rash?
Do some hash!

Drooping boobies?
Roll some doobies!

Swollen joint?
That’s the point!

The medical establishment
Considers it a joke.
Their blinkered minds can’t comprehend
The benefits of smoke.
But among the open-minded
All the experts are agreed:
From a headache to a heart attack,
Get fast relief with weed!



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  1. As a psoriatic Californian who voted yes for legalization, I tried pot a few times but got dizzy to the point of nausea, and it did nothing for my skin. I think laughter is the best medicine for all that ails, and you provided it for me today. Thanks!

    Monday, November 8, 2010 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

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