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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Comedy Stylings of Juan Williams!

I just flew in from Washington
And boy was it a pain!
There’s a lot that makes me nervous
When I’m getting on a plane!
They’ll give me sixteen inches
For my twenty-two-inch butt.
They’ll be out of Johnny Walker,
I can feel it in my gut!
On my left will be a cretin
Droning on about the Sith.
On my right I’ll have a fatty
Twice the size of Kevin Smith!
Those dinky little pretzels
Will be broken, stale and dry.
I hear the in-flight movie
Is a censored “Family Guy!”
A baby’s getting fussy
And I think I smell a fart.
Won’t someone dressed in Muslim garb
Just shoot me at the start?



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  1. ThinkAsTheyDoOrElse wrote:

    What NPR did to Juan Williams

    by ThinkAsTheyDoOrElse

    Dark humor involving a bird, a wind turbine, and funny music

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 4:49 am | Permalink

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