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Flogging a Dead Rhyme

To get the ball rolling,
I’m sly as a fox.
I’m fit as a fiddle.
I’m strong as an ox.
My head’s in the game
And my foot’s in the door.
I’m one in a million.
I’m truly top-drawer!
I’m rich as a king,
Though I’m not made of money.
If flies are a problem,
I catch them with honey.
I’m one happy camper,
The kitty’s meow.
I have a nice day
And I don’t have a cow.
I’m faster than lightning.
I’m slow as a snail.
I’m small as an ant,
But I’m too big to fail!
When it comes to clichés
I’m the best in the biz.
Is it nails on a chalkboard?
It is what it is!



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