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Goofy for the Grape

I’d like to be a connoisseur,
a brilliant oenophile.
I’d describe a wine as “buttery,”
“robust” or “versatile.”
I’d know merlot from cabernet,
Critique the finest chardonnay,
Surpass a seasoned sommelier
in expertise and style!

I’d know what’s meant by “jammy”
and which Riesling really rocks.
I’d suggest the perfect complement
for lobster, steak or lox.
I’d chew the wine with utmost flair,
Detecting notes of plum and pear.
I’d be a lush extraordinaire,
and drink it by the box!



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  1. Don Lamp wrote:

    When are you going to publish these in a COLLECTION so everyone can buy them off the shelves at Barnes & Noble? Your wit needs a wider circulation! I get such a kick out of your poetry…truly an inspiration to a fellow “daily poet.”

    Monday, July 12, 2010 at 10:39 am | Permalink

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