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Beer Necessity

“A recent Nielsen survey found that the economic
downturn has not greatly affected consumer
spending on beer.”

With prices getting steeper,
The recession’s growing deeper
  And we’re sweating from inflationary fears.
We can hardly see an ending
To the recent downward trending,
But we’ll never cut our spending 
  On our much-beloved beers!

For beer will make you merry
Though your debts are downright scary
  And perhaps you’ve got some taxes in arrears.
It’s a magic, healing potion
That’ll settle your emotion
  At the speed with which your paycheck disappears.

So we’ll practice moderation
At the Shell or Phillips station
  And we’ll shop the Dollar Store instead of Sears.
Yes, we’ll wear the Wal-Mart label,
We’ll put Ramen on the table,
We may even give up cable,
  But we won’t cut back on beers!



One Comment

  1. Jimmigee wrote:

    Until pried from my cold, dead fingers,
    My malted elixir lingers!

    Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

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