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The Shout Heard Round Hollywood

A certain Private Wilhelm
bit the dust in ’53
When an Injun shot an arrow
and it struck him near the knee.
He bellowed out a scream of pain.
The rest is history.

For somehow Wilhelm’s scream lived on
in shrill and shrieking tones.
It was heard upon the Death Star
and again among the Clones.
The scream rang out in Middle Earth,
in Narnia and Troy.
It was howled by foes of Spider Man
and even Astro Boy!
It was heard when Uma Thurman
was engaged in killing Bill,
And it roared like Tropic Thunder
on The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Now I’ll never be a movie star,
but still I’ve got a dream
That my final act upon this Earth
will be a Wilhelm scream!



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