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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Enough Already!

Syria’s burning. There’s strife in Ukraine. Iraq is a mess. California needs rain. There’s racism coupled with riots and arson. Republicans might even nominate Carson! The stock market threatens to go belly up, And the whole freaking nation’s obsessed with a cup!

Cursed Cups

There are Scrooges making Cratchits sing the bleak December blues. There are Grinches stealing Christmas from the unsuspecting Whos. There are nasty Mr. Potters out to bleed the paupers dry, And now it’s evil Starbucks making baby Jesus cry! They’ve simplified their Christmas cups to basic red and green, Though the Bible tells us Jesus [...]

A Royal Celebration

Hail to the Royals, the victors in Gotham! We’ll hoist a blue banner and join the parade! The crowd will get raucous for Cain and Moustakas, For Gordon and Hosmer, Yordano and Wade! Our offense was truly a twelfth-inning terror. For every Mets error, we knew we would score. Our tenacity punished the hubris of [...]