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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Horror from Above

Japan was repeatedly stomped by Godzilla. New York had its troubles with Kong the gorilla. Count Dracula terrorized parts of Romania, But now there’s the Blimp that Destroyed Pennsylvania! Its horrible tentacles reach to the ground. Whole cities are threatened and power lines downed. It can ravage and mutilate, shatter and smash, While consuming three [...]

Straight Shooter

I’m a guardian of justice And I keep my eyeballs peeled. My heart is filled with courage And my weapon is concealed. If I think you look suspicious, You’d be smart to cut and run. I’m the champion of the innocent, A good guy with a gun! I’m a fearless freedom fighter. I support the [...]

Disturbing Dump

October is on us. The banshees are howling. The werewolves are loose and the zombies are prowling. And yet the great horror of this Halloween Is the Whopper that renders your excrement green! It’s the stuff of your nightmares, but nonetheless true That Burger King’s putting the “Boo!” in your poo. Was a scientist ever [...]