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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Prophet Motive

O great Mr. Silver! O marvelous Nate! Infallible wizard of FiveThirtyEight! You blew all our minds with the stats you were droppin’ And left the Republicans wailing, “Wha’ happen?” But honestly, now that you’re on such a roll, Why stop at some boring political poll? I’m dying to hear your oracular views On pork belly [...]

Change of Plans

This goes out to that small but faithful posse of readers who regularly follow The Daily Rhyme. For the last few months I’ve committed to posting a new rhyme every day. I can say with no reservations that it’s been a blast. Of course the quality has varied from day to day, but there have [...]

Willard of Oz

Mr. Romney took a journey on the road of yellow brick. He said to Oz the Powerful, “I need a favor, quick! As a seasoned politician, I can do the song and dance, but the voters never trust me, ’cause I haven’t got a stance! “I’ve flipped and flopped on health care. Global warming! Gun [...]

Zeno’s Excuse

To make my way to gym from chair, I first must travel halfway there. If chair is A and gym is C, I’ll have to get halfway to B! The stages then become so small, I logically can’t move at all. So here I sit, in shorts and socks. By Zeus, I love a paradox!

Weekend Plans

On Saturday, I told myself, I’d have a little time. I’d rid my house of clutter and my bathroom sink of slime. I’d make that run to Costco for the Q-Tips I’ve been needing. I’d write my magnum opus, or at least I’d do some reading. I’d return the books and videos I borrowed back [...]

Odd Couple

In Sandy’s destruction, Obama and Christie Share tender embraces. Their eyes have gone misty. The chemistry’s stronger than brother with brother. You know that they’re giddily texting each other! There’s bliss in the air, there’s a bromance in bloom. Obama and Christie, my God, get a room!

44 Words on National Novel Writing Month

Now’s the time for NANOWRIMO, Loved by fellow writing nerds. Friends are dashing off their chapters, Counting up their daily words. Raw production, that’s their credo. Damn the structure! Damn the plot! In a month, voilá! It’s finished! Am I tempted? No, I’m not.