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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Foods To Eat Before You Die

The Facebook foodies’ challenge list Has left me ruing all I’ve missed! Oh sure, I’ve tasted caviar, Lox and bagels, steak tartare, Haggis, fugu, sukiyaki, Prickly pear, gazpacho, Pocky, Drippings from a chocolate fountain, Oysters (plain and Rocky Mountain), Churros, burros, oxtail soup, And coffee gleaned from civet poop! I’ve even dared to eat a [...]


There are those who walk on burning coals To get their fix of thrills, While others jump from speeding planes (Which all too often kills). But I’ve got something more extreme To give my life its zing. I simply have my residence In Kansas in the spring! It’s a perilous activity, As risky as it [...]

Suburban Spring

Liquid weeder, Fescue feeder, Ortho for a healthy lawn! Sod and filler, Crabgrass killer, Turf enhancer, Grub-B-Gon! Whacker, blower, Mulching mower, EZ-Seed for instant grass. Deep aeration, Soil hydration. Yard in April: Pain in ass!