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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rule of Thumb

I’ve never donned khakis to fight for Iraqis, I’ve never done State work next door in Iran. On Shiite and Sunni my knowledge is puny, But this much I know: you don’t burn the Koran! You’d be grossly in error to think I’m pro-terror. I hated Saddam; I’m no Taliban fan. But the true underpinning [...]

A Lucky 99-Percenter

Wild Thing

Mr. Sendak, Mr. Sendak, You’re indeed a breed apart, A cantankerous curmudgeon Since you let your rumpus start! You’re a man of depth and vision, Though a few have thought it wrong That you penned the tale of Mickey And portrayed him with a dong! In fifty years of wondrous works, You’ve never shied away [...]