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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cops and Bloggers

What is it like For Lieutenant John Pike? Has his thuggish bravado Now taken a hike? With an arrogant swagger He brandished his can, And bringing the pain Made him feel like a man! But now he’s a joke, Spraying hobbit and elf, The Munchkins and Yoda And Jesus himself! He’s sprayed JFK And the [...]

Laissez Faire

I’m an ardent Libertarian. I’m quirky and contrarian, A fan of Milton Friedman and a worshiper of Rand. I bolster my opinions with A smattering of Adam Smith And preach the holy Gospel of the Market’s Unseen Hand! I’m a freedom-loving radical. My passion is fanatical For rescuing the nation from a socialistic hell. I [...]

Point to Ponder

The old folks dine on chicken tenders, Twelve-ounce steaks and pork pot pies. They often go on gravy benders, Dousing grits or curly fries! Apple cobblers, huge and weighty, Put me in a pensive mood. How does anyone reach eighty When they eat Bob Evans food?