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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Out with the Deadwood

The path is cleared for innovation: Artificial cogitation, Robot servants, flying cars, Starbucks on the moon and Mars! A new 4-D computer screen, Phones that deconstruct Bakhtin! The future, brought to you by Mac. Jobs was holding Apple back!

Creature Feature

I can deal with ghosts and poltergeists that haunt me in the night. If the zombies come in search of flesh, they’re welcome to a bite. I can handle monsters, maniacs, and snakes upon a plane, But it creeps me out like crazy when amoebas eat my brain! They attack the hapless swimmer in the [...]

Liquid Asset

The markets are all in a jittery mood. The Dow is in shambles, the NASDAQ is screwed. But there’s one thing to do when the panic sets in. I’m investing my money in Beefeater Gin! Beefeater Gin!  Beefeater Gin! I’m sinking it all into Beefeater Gin! When stocks are inflated and pop like a bubble, [...]