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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Anthem of the House Republicans

We’re Tea Party leaders, as right as they get. We’d happily welch on the national debt. Education and healthcare, they’re ripe for big cuts, But we’d never raise taxes, ’cause that would be nuts! We’re persuaded that warming is good for the Earth And we’re certain the president’s Kenyan by birth. We’ll reform every gay [...]

Trendy Table

Tonight I dine on tender tortellini With zesty meatballs made from chicken wings, Mojito salmon, turkey tetrazzini, And herb-encrusted calamari rings. Basmati couscous topped with gorgonzola, Greek yogurt and a mango-flavored brie Washed down with nature’s best organic cola Or oatmeal stout, low-carb and gluten-free! Asparagus risotto, coq au vin, White hummus with a subtle [...]

Extreme Lying Down

I passionately hanker To become a famous planker. I would tarry on the prairie, Where I’d hunker down and lie. At the Guggenheim Museum Or the Roman Colosseum I would take a prone position To achieve a planker’s high! I would board a Russian tanker Just to plank upon the anchor Which would cause a [...]