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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Year-View Mirror: 2010 in Rhyme

It was chaos again in the year Twenty Ten, What with earthquakes,  foreclosures and hacking. There were flash crash corrections and midterm elections Where Democrats took a shellacking! There was 3-D TV and the Party of Tea, There were iPads to play Angry Birds. South African fellas blew mean vuvuzelas And Palin was making up [...]

A Holiday Sing-Along

(With apologies to Perry Como) Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays Where you’re never self-conscious, never shy. You can watch cheesy movies in an eggnog haze. If you’re gassy, you can freely let one fly! I met a man who loved his Lucky Strikes But he was headin’ for Dismal places where [...]

Only 19 More Stressing Days!

It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, So how’d we get so near it? I’ve bought no Bailey’s, Grand Marnier Or other Yuletide spirit. I haven’t bought my Christmas cards (They’re out of them at Aldi) Or decked the halls or trimmed the tree Or put on Vince Guaraldi. I haven’t started shopping, Though I know [...]