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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Recently Declassified

In the boys’ room once in junior high I sneaked a cigarette. I may have glimpsed a breast or two While surfing on the Net. In a crowded college lecture hall I let an S.B.D. (My disgust was so convincing, Not a soul suspected me!) My 1990 tax return Was overdue by weeks. And tonight [...]


(Tip of the digital pen to the bizarre brains at The Internet is made, it seems, Of facts and falsehoods, fleeting memes, Of Hitler rage and British brats, But most of all, it’s made of cats. Cats too numerous to tell. Cats that make us LOL. Cats that love to squeeze in tight. Spartan [...]

Alter Ego

I’m fairly decent-mannered.  I maintain a civil tone. I open doors for strangers, I’m respectful on the phone. I’m polite to clerks and cabbies, but in truth I have to say That I’ve often dreamed of being Basil Fawlty for a day! A brash and shameless misanthrope, I’d run a shabby inn Where the guests [...]

Medical Miracle

You can take Amoxicillin Or the latest sulfa drugs, A dose or two of Theraflu In hot and steaming mugs, You can mess with beta blockers, But the remedy you need Is a simple inhalation Of some good old-fashioned weed! It’ll cure appendicitis, Meningitis and the croup. It’ll loosen up the sluices When it’s difficult [...]


At Saturday’s rally for sanity I was there on the very front line As I thrilled to progressive urbanity And displayed my satirical sign. And yet I had one reservation: Quite frankly, it gives me the blues That show hosts are leading the nation And comedy passes for news. Though I long for more facts [...]