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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Comedy Stylings of Juan Williams!

I just flew in from Washington And boy was it a pain! There’s a lot that makes me nervous When I’m getting on a plane! They’ll give me sixteen inches For my twenty-two-inch butt. They’ll be out of Johnny Walker, I can feel it in my gut! On my left will be a cretin Droning [...]

Flogging a Dead Rhyme

To get the ball rolling, I’m sly as a fox. I’m fit as a fiddle. I’m strong as an ox. My head’s in the game And my foot’s in the door. I’m one in a million. I’m truly top-drawer! I’m rich as a king, Though I’m not made of money. If flies are a problem, [...]

Betting Man

Pascal was quite the wagerer. From Monaco to Reno He was known at every racetrack, Every fly-by-night casino. He would make the wildest poker bets The world had ever seen. He would take a hit at blackjack When his cards showed seventeen! When he lost his shirt at baccarat, He didn’t take it hard, But [...]

The Infamous Monty Hall Problem

It’s confused the cognoscenti, For the logic is a bitch! When Monty makes the offer, Should you stay or should you switch? In this hard-to-crack conundrum Lies the beauty of the game. When a “zonk” has been uncovered, Can the odds remain the same? You may think they’re fifty-fifty, But your chance is still a [...]