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Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s All Gouda

A cheddar makes a hearty snack In bricks of white or yellow. A Roquefort titillates the tongue, While Muenster’s much more mellow. A feta adds a touch of tang To anything on pita. A cracker’s simply not a Ritz Without its friend Velveeta! A Gorgonzola, Wensleydale Or Stilton always pleases. My once-pathetic life was changed [...]


Dear readers, though I love to write These rhymes, ephemeral and light, The “daily” era now must close To free up time to work in prose. I must announce, a trifle meekly, The Daily Rhyme will now be weekly. I’ll post on Mondays, and with luck More rhymes will sing, and fewer suck. So thanks [...]

Gone Mental

Oh, why was Sudoku invented? Though its logic is often sublime, By obsessive addiction’s The worst of afflictions. It eats both my soul and my time! My house and my yard need attention. My verses are penned without care. I should murder the mug Who created this drug, Just as soon as I’ve finished this [...]

My Solution

Forget extending tax cuts For the richest one percent. The nation needs the revenue, So they can all get bent! The poor may have their hardships, They may struggle day to day, But who deserves a refund check For taxes they don’t pay? The working class must pay its share, As must the bourgeoisie. In [...]

Above Average Joe

There’s Safeway, Kroger, Costco too, And Piggly Wiggly?  It’ll do. But frankly, everybody knows The cool folks shop at Trader Joe’s. Yes, every hungry yuppie flips For zesty soy and flax seed chips, Roasted salsa (that’s José’s) And hot wasabi mayonnaise. There’s fresh mixed chard if you’re in luck And fine domestic Two Buck Chuck! [...]

You Talkin’ to Me?

Solo public talker dude, I feel I know you well. You miss your mom in Kankakee. You last got laid in ’93. Your recent colonoscopy Was undiluted hell. One detail, though, is rather hazy: Are you on Bluetooth, or just crazy?

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat.

I rack my brains for something new. Do I repeat myself?  I do! My mind’s not like that Whitman dude’s. I’m small, contain no multitudes.

Come On, Show Us Some Hate!

Alas for the faithful of Westboro Church, Neglected, abandoned and left in the lurch! Like a pirate or highwayman greedy for plunder, That Florida pastor has stolen their thunder. For all of their twisted religous toxicity, They burn a Koran and get zero publicity! The cry has gone up at their latest convention, “Won’t someone [...]

Up in Smoke

In a rare act of sanity, God-Fearing Man Announces he’s not going to burn the Koran. It’s a righteous decision.  We hope that it sticks. But what will the media do for their kicks?

The Kindle Song

(To the tune of “I Have a Little Dreidel”) I bought a little Kindle From Amazon Dot Com. It looks so cool and shiny, My Kindle is da bomb! Oh Kindle, Kindle, Kindle In dull metallic gray, As soon as I have charged it, With Kindle I will play! With Chaucer, Keats and Shakespeare, What [...]