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Monthly Archives: February 2010

He doesn’t DISbelieve…

Obama’s agnostic on taxes. He just isn’t sure they exist. From faith he’s aloof. He prefers to have proof. And the Almighty Dollar is pissed!

Recalling a Road Trip

My brakes went out in Georgia And I cursed my evil luck. When I hit the Carolinas My accelerator stuck! My air bag went kablooey Up in Philly, Pennsylvania, Then my engine stalled in Pittsburgh. (And believe me, that’ll pain ya!) I threw a rod in Iowa Just south of Minnesota. Okay, I guess it [...]

A Message from your Friendly Facebook Team

It’s time to change Facebook around! We’ll rebuild the whole thing from the ground! Your pokes, applications And group invitations Were simply too easily found! The revamp of Two Thousand Ten Is the coolest since we-don’t-know-when! Though you’ll tell us to shove it, You’ll soon learn to love it. And that’s when we’ll change it [...]

Mystery Man

When a face has appeared on a pancake Or a rock or the trunk of a tree With long, flowing hair, A compassionate stare And the tiniest wisp of goatee, The features are haunting yet gentle, And the kindly expression may please us. The picture’s amazing And worthy of praising, But how do you know [...]

The Team that Could

The Saints marched on to victory, Those bold and gutsy lads. They put those hotshot Colts to shame. They won their team eternal fame. Incredibly, for once the game Was better than the ads!

Et Tu, Limbaugh?

The “R word” is a hateful slur That makes poor Sarah flush. How deeply it must trouble her To hear it used by Rush. I think the dude is off his meds. The proper term is “dittoheads!”

Maybe if it were Long Island iced…

The tea party’s on and reports have been leaking That others have bolted, but Palin is speaking. I guess the address would be something to see, But I’d need something stronger than tea!

Antisocial Gaming

I’m nuts about Factory Farmville! It’s a game where the fun never stops. To begin, all you need Is some chemical feed From genetically modified crops! The livestock in Factory Farmville Are confined in the best of conditions. Who cares if the smell Is like hog turds from hell If you’ve greased all the right [...]

Up the Academy!

The ten Best Picture nominees Are all extremely fine. While “Avatar” has raised the bar, Both “Up” and “Locker” shine! Yet I’d love to see their faces (It would put them in their places!) They would all be basket cases If it went to “District Nine!”

Signs of the Times

There’s a goofy guy I often see. He’s dressed as Lady Liberty And every day he waves at me As I go driving by. Another, dressed as Uncle Sam, Creates a daily traffic jam. It’s possible he’s just a ham, Though I suspect he’s high. I’ve swerved for patriotic cats, For musket-toting acrobats, For chimpanzees [...]