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Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Daily Rhyme is Currently on Hiatus.

After a mere five months and 150 posts, it’s time to take a break from The Daily Rhyme.  I’m taking on an exciting new writing project which will unfortunately leave me no time for daily updates.  I may post a new verse now and then as inspiration strikes, but over the next few months The [...]

Grand Illusion

Some say that all the world’s a stage. Some think and then conclude, “I am.” But now a most enlightened sage Declares, “It’s all a hologram!” So much for wealth and fame and love! Though driven types will take it hard, We’re just the blurred, distorted dove On someone’s cancelled Visa card. So carpe diem! [...]

Antisocial Network

I just received a friend request From someone known as David West. I really never would have guessed   I’d hear from him again. I sort of halfway knew the guy Way back in Lincoln Junior High. We’re back in touch, it seems, but why?   I never liked him then!  

Don’t Worry, Be Tacky

We bought it several years ago When irony was chic. And now it’s got a “retro” vibe. It’s practically antique. It lends the place a touch of class, Our vintage Big Mouth Billy Bass.    

Fads I’ll Skip

If I were young And rather dumb And goofed on doobies, Gin and rum, And only cared For looking hip, Then maybe I’d Ghost-ride the whip.    

Get a Queue!

I thought I’d rent “The Grapes of Wrath.” I found it on the Net. I’ve had it six or seven weeks, But haven’t watched it yet. And still I pay the weekly fee. Netflix loves a chump like me!  

The Press Conference in Brief

Mornin’, folks. Howdy-do! Big-time exit interview! Good, strong record. Disagree? Avoidin’ trouble’s just not me! Home was safe, Attacks impeded. Harsh interrogations needed. Made mistakes? Yeah, that’s fair. Iraqi weapons just weren’t there; “Bring ‘em on” (A stupid quip); And oh!  The banner on that ship! Katrina sucked (Or did it blow?) Our response was [...]

A Mundane Mystery

The elevator button   that purports to close the door Inspires the mind to speculate   on what it’s really for. Does it have a hidden function?   Is it only there for show? Does it feed the evil dragon   in the dungeon far below? Perhaps it signals terrorists,   the Martians or the Reds. But I’m pretty sure [...]

The Pun

The pun’s a simple verbal joke   that most of us eschew. And yet I readily admit, This irritating form of wit Has always seemed to be a hit   with geeks of high I.Q. It seems they like to torture words By making up a “play on nerds.”  

Adventures in the Million-Dollar Wood

“Hooray!”  said Pooh to little Roo. “Our brand new book will soon debut! At last we’ve got our fondest wish. (We’ve all been feeling sequel-ish!) With gentle humor, charming art, With dialogue that warms the heart, A simple yet engaging plot, Our sales will fill our munny pot!”