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Monthly Archives: October 2008

An Erotic Tale

“Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after ‘receiving sexual favors from a vacuum’ at a car wash.” –The Saginaw News   He was a randy young horndog   whose passions were raw and obscene. She, for a couple of quarters,   was a genuine lovin’ machine! They engaged in a lustful encounter   of a kind [...]

Cut It and Shut It!

I wait too long to cut my hair. For when I’m in the stylist’s chair, I want a trim and that is that. But she assumes I’ve come to chat! Now, being rather introverted, I sit in silence, eyes averted. But soon she’s asking, “How is work?” And “Isn’t Simon Cowell a jerk?” “How ’bout [...]

Politics is Easy, Comedy is Hard

Palin, thinking, “What the hell,” Did a turn on SNL.   Made it through with no egregious gaffes. It had its moments, I agree, But when it comes to comedy,   the Couric interview had bigger laughs.    

Xanax Investments Erectile Dysfunction: An Experiment

I’ve made an observation,  newbie blogger that I am, That certain postings seem to draw  the lion’s share of spam. It’s made me kind of curious.   I’d really like to know If content drives the spamming.   So let’s try it.  Here we go. Credit offer, stock alert, free debt consolidation instant access, one-time [...]

Joe Celebrity

What a bummer! Joe the plumber Once was just an average Joe. But sudden fame Has spread his name From Limbaugh to the Daily Show! Politicians, Spin magicians, Jerked him to the public stage. Sorry, Joe. It’s tough, I know, But welcome to the YouTube age!  

Third Time, Little Charm

Third debate?  Still a snore. Talking points we’ve heard before.   Sound bites we’ve been hearing since the summer. Hatchet. Scalpel.  High tax.  Low. “I’m not Bush!”  ”You are so!”   My reaction?  Vote for Joe the plumber!  

Memo from the Corporate Office

Valued employees, it’s time to engage In a dialogue, just so we’re on the same page. Our research provides us with many key learnings That surely will impact our after-tax earnings. The industry map gives a clear line of sight To buzzworthy change if our strategy’s right. It’s key that we leverage new competencies. We’re [...]

By Any Other Name

When marketing a healthful snack,   ”All Natural” is key. Consumers wouldn’t tolerate   a trace of BHT. An ounce of sugar added in   would surely cause a panic. “Evaporated cane juice,” though,   is so much more organic!  

More on “My Wife and I”

In response to “Grammatical Gripe #2″ The Ridger writes: Well, I’m not so very good at rhyme, But this thing you hear all the time? It’s just the language on its way From Old English to modern day. Pronouns are in a state of change, They may seem awful, rude, or strange But it’s no worse than [...]

Death of a Diet

I faced the truth a year ago:   my gut was supersize. I vowed to cut my calories.   Events proved otherwise. You see, a perk of office work   is daily celebrations Requiring cookies, chips with dips,   and similar temptations. There’s homemade cake and store-bought too   in every leading brand. There’s someone hawking chocolate bars   to help [...]