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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fickle Fruit

They’re either too tart   or a little too mellow. They’re greener than green   or they’re way beyond yellow! They’re just past their prime   or they’re close, but not quite. Bananas are never just right!     

The Selection of Sarah Palin

A bunch of the boys were chewin’ the fat On the old Straight Talk Express. They’d scoured each state for a running mate Who’d look damn good in a dress. But poor Tom Ridge was built like a fridge And Pawlenty just left ‘em wailin’. So they dropped ‘em clean for a beauty queen By [...]

A First for America

We live in a truly historical age. In my book, the nation has turned a new page. To think in mere months I could very well see A guy in the White House who’s younger than me!  

Political Pair

Observe the fate of Hill and Bill. They’ve swallowed such a bitter pill! To see the way those two campaigned, You’d think success was preordained. But then Barack, the boy sensation, Snatched away the nomination! Now back-to-back they’ve praised their man, Admitting humbly, “Yes, he can!” They’ve said he’s ready – just the Dem to [...]

Marketing Myopia

The boomer consumer, according to rumor, is rarely if ever   the target of ads. Execs want the younger consumers who hunger for trendy new products   that fit with the fads. The boomer consumer is shunned like a tumor! Though no gloom-and-doomer,   I think this is rash. Today’s corporations chase new generations, while boomers quite happily [...]

Michelle’s Speech: The Condensed Version

Barack’s like you, so have no fear! He loves his country, likes cold beer. His family never had much dough. (He had a single mom, you know.) His background’s slightly odd, but wait– Hawaii’s just another state! At basketball the dude’s got game. So just ignore the weird-ass name!   

Fuel Me Twice…

It happened in the Seventies, Before the age of SUVs,   That gasoline grew scarce and super-pricey. Back then we wisely gave the axe To Continentals, Cadillacs,   And other cars that made our budgets dicey. But just as things began to ease, We snapped up Jeep Grand Cherokees   And Hummers half the size of Monaco. And [...]

See Joe Run!

Good Senator Biden, it’s no time for hidin’   your vaunted experience, passion and grit. I hardly need mention, at this year’s convention   you’ve got to be stellar, a bona-fide hit! There’s quite a lot ridin’ on you, Mr. Biden.   Obama’s been slidin’.  McCain’s on the go. The Dems are expecting a guy worth electing – [...]

Friend of Art

On Roe, a nearby avenue, I’ve made a friend.  I call him Stu. His somber face and bulging eye Unnerve the average passerby. But Stu and I just seem to mesh, Although he’s stone and I am flesh. Observe the many traits we share: Our pensive air; our piercing stare; A lack of flair in [...]