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Category Archives: Historical Figures

It’s Bad to Be the King

What misery is on display From Tutankhamun’s DNA! It seems that life for poor King Tut Was royal pain in royal butt! His foot was clubbed, his palate cleft, His gait was awkward, not too deft, His bod was scrawny and malarial. At least he had an awesome burial!

A Beautiful Dream

Valleys exalted, mountains made low, Waters of justice that rush and flow Like a mighty river or gushing spring, This was the dream of Doctor King. Righteousness rolling in thundering waves That the sons of owners and sons of slaves Together might work and pray and sing, This was the dream of Doctor King. Peace [...]

Static Eleatic

I knew a man Parmenides Who never moved a muscle. He stayed in bed like someone dead. He simply had no hustle. For subtle thought had formed in him A most peculiar notion. “Whatever is, cannot not be.” And that precluded motion. His wife would try to mend his ways (For frankly, she was pissed). [...]