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Category Archives: Technology

Well, That Was Quick!

Progress marches on and on. What’s here today is swiftly gone. The Model T has seen its day, And VHS is now passé. Each day the pace is faster still. If something hasn’t changed, it will! I blinked my eyes. I missed a beat. And now my iPad’s obsolete.

Scenic Route

I tried to plan a weekend trip To beautiful Montana. I started at the Vegas Strip, Then crossed the Susquehanna. I wandered through Peoria, Fort Lauderdale, Astoria, Madrid and Lake Victoria, Then ended in Havana. Of all the latest travel apps, I had to go with Apple Maps!

Smarter Phone

The iPhone 5 is off and running! Now it’s faster loading apps. The taller, four-inch screen is stunning. Gotta love those 3-D maps! Its look is slim and iridescent, Plus it takes amazing pics. But sadly, now it’s obsolescent. Better wait for iPhone 6!

All the Stuff That’s Fit to Print

I’m going to buy a 3-D printer, Then I’ll print myself a car. I’ll print myself some beer and whiskey. Hell, I’ll print the whole damn bar! I’ll print a priceless grand piano, Then I’ll print a private jet. And if I get to feeling lonely, Why not print myself a pet? I’ll print a [...]

Geek Chic

Hats off to NASA Mohawk Guy! No bulky specs, no narrow tie, You represent the JPL With passion, brains, and tons of gel! In viral praises, short and terse, You soar across the Twitterverse. You’ve rocked your look, pursued your dreams. You’re now enshrined among the memes!

Typography Fail!

“Two spaces after finishing a sentence.” So said the standard textbooks of my youth. But decades on, I’m racked with deep repentance To learn my style’s offensive and uncouth. And now each time I write, I’m once again tense. The habit sticks like some impacted tooth! Perfectionist and stickler that I am, I envy those [...]


When Google Fiber comes to town, I’ll be one happy dude. The kittehs will be cuter And the hotties twice as nude! Then Twitter will be trouble-free, We’ll all have Facebook privacy, And YouTube movies in 3-D Will instantly be viewed! I’ll never set my laptop down Once Google Fiber comes to town!


It leaves me impatient, annoyed and perplexed When they say it’s a danger to walk while I text. If I answer an email, is that such a crime? A tweet in the crosswalk saves valuable time! There’s simply no reason to kick up a fuss, For what are the odds I’ll get hit by a

Devilish Device

It always drops the urgent call. It downloads data at a crawl. The power doesn’t last at all, Which sucks egregiously. It gets no bars at my locale. It once erased a Facebook pal. I think I’ll call my smartphone HAL. It’s out to murder me!

Tech Crush

I’ve got a thing for Siri. She’s so positive and cheery. I can tell her what I’m thinking And she seems to understand. She can answer all my questions And she’s full of great suggestions. If I’d like for her to Google me, My wish is her command! Yes, I’ve got it bad for Siri! [...]