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Category Archives: Pop Culture

Old Familiar Melody

Viva Coldplay!  Tell us please   what makes you so appealing. Exotic keys and harmonies?   Just what are you concealing? Superb technique and expertise?   Come on, once more with stealing! 

I Can Haz a Break?

In ur hamper!  On ur sheetz! In ur sammich, eatin’ meatz! “I haz powerz!” “I haz style!” It wuz cute 4 little while. Gettin’ kinda old?  An’ how! Can kittehs pleez B ovr now?  

Thoroughly Postmodern Billy

Mr. Shatner, William Shatner,   You were great as Captain Kirk With your hammy overacting   And your ever-present smirk. You tried your hand at music then,   Recording “Rocket Man” Which was shocking in its cheesiness,   And I was quite a fan! But now it seems that all your shtick   Is bluster and verbosity, From classic rock [...]