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Category Archives: Science

A Rhyme About Nothing

They’ve found a giant hole in space, Where not a thing exists. No asteroids, no bug-eyed race, No cosmic dust or mists. Its purpose we may never know. Perhaps it’s where our taxes go.

Leap of Logic

An everyday cliché ignores this scientific datum: A quantum leap is tiny. It occurs inside an atom! So when you need a metaphor For distance, please recall, If you “take a quantum leap ahead,” you haven’t moved at all!

It’s Bad to Be the King

What misery is on display From Tutankhamun’s DNA! It seems that life for poor King Tut Was royal pain in royal butt! His foot was clubbed, his palate cleft, His gait was awkward, not too deft, His bod was scrawny and malarial. At least he had an awesome burial!

Grand Illusion

Some say that all the world’s a stage. Some think and then conclude, “I am.” But now a most enlightened sage Declares, “It’s all a hologram!” So much for wealth and fame and love! Though driven types will take it hard, We’re just the blurred, distorted dove On someone’s cancelled Visa card. So carpe diem! [...]