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Category Archives: The Media

Where Are They Now?

Whatever became of the Frito Bandito, That cringeworthy icon of ’60s TV? The ad men all thought he was perfectly neat-o, Till someone discovered he wasn’t PC. But now is his outlook a trifle less narrow, A tad more enlightened than decades before? Or does he just loaf in his giant sombrero And twiddle his [...]

Herding Cats

Alas for Mr. Lehrer! Moderating was a terror! His attempts to curb the candidates were very seldom heard. They’d meander and delay, Adding “I’d just like to say,” Or a little more aggressively, “I get the final word!” With the questions open-ended, They were cocky and long-winded. He would try to keep them focused, but [...]

The Teleplay’s the Thing!

If Shakespeare were alive today, He’d write for “Mad Men” or “Treme.” His moody Danish prince gone mad Would be some thug in “Breaking Bad.” His “Newsroom” scenes would surely please The fans of long soliloquies. He’d crank out “Cougar Town” for money. (Let’s face it, he was never funny!) Then students, centuries ahead, Would [...]

Responsible Journalism

In yesterday’s Journal I read that the Colonel Improperly fondled an underage hen. The Times is reporting that Snooki’s aborting And Biden’s been out having threesomes again. The Martians have landed, the Senate’s disbanded, And pediatricians now recommend booze. Rhode Island’s seceding.  Gay penguins are breeding. I love when The Onion gets picked up as [...]

Dr. Seuss on Public Radio

I do not like that dreadful show. I would not listen, no, no, NO! I would not listen in my car. I would not listen at a bar. I would not listen out at sea, In Rome, Berlin, or Kankakee! I would not listen night or noon. I would not listen on the moon! I [...]

A Lucky 99-Percenter

Stop the Presses

The newspaper once was the media king, Purveyor of facts and of views. It would bring you the latest from Rome or Beijing, And the comics were fun to peruse. It would cover the issues, or even your eyes If you needed a ten-minute snooze. And if print hadn’t practically met its demise, We could [...]

B.S. in Political Science

Baloney has a first name. It’s B-U-L-L, see? Baloney has a second name And that’s S-H-I-T. You always get it every day From Portland, Maine to San Jose,  ‘Cause pundits all must have their say Across the freakin’ U.S.A.