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Category Archives: Daily Life

Weekend Plans

On Saturday, I told myself, I’d have a little time. I’d rid my house of clutter and my bathroom sink of slime. I’d make that run to Costco for the Q-Tips I’ve been needing. I’d write my magnum opus, or at least I’d do some reading. I’d return the books and videos I borrowed back [...]

Weak Day

Sunday is dreary, a pain and a chore. Our heads are all fogged from the evening before. The work week is looming, which makes us feel blue. The bathroom needs cleaning. There’s laundry to do. We glumly accept that the weekend has flown. And this is the day the Lord chose for His own?

Game of Groans

There’s a puzzle called the Cryptoquip. I’m not its biggest fan. I solve it with my morning Joe or sometimes in the can. I don’t know why I bother. It’s a vexing thing to do. For once I’ve worked the answer out, it makes me want to spew! The wordplay’s so atrocious that it absolutely [...]

Anxious Thoughts

I think I need an antidote For daily worries, cares and stress. I think a good, inspiring quote Is just a start, no more, no less. I think that in a tipsy state, I’d just relax and have a ball. Or else I’ll learn to meditate, And simply have no thoughts at all.

Sheer Agony

Dental hygienist, I beg of you, please. Desist from your torture! I’m down on my knees! Your gum-slashing instruments cause me no pain, But your well-meaning chit chat could drive me insane! “So whatcha been up to? Been busy, I bet! Got plans for the weekend? Do you have a pet? You planning to go [...]

Bucket List

Behold the aging baby boomer! Realizing time is short, He does parkour or maybe scuba Just to try a different sport. Better master French and Spanish! Roam the nation in a van! Swim with dolphins! Write a novel! Do some shrooms at Burning Man! Visit Rome and Machu Picchu! Ride a camel! Learn to fly! [...]

No Way Out

The handle on the restroom door Is surely crawling with disease. I might as well just lick the floor Of every outhouse in Belize! It’s got E. coli, salmonella, Cholera, the Asian flu, Yellow fever, AIDS, rubella, Probably Ebola too! Now I’m doomed, there’s no denying. Someone call my next of kin. By tomorrow I’ll [...]

Law Man

The cop on the corner must often get blue As he sits in his squad car with nothing to do. He nurses his coffee, he twiddles his thumbs While he waits for a speeder, but none ever comes. A disconsolate figure, he sits there alone, And I think to myself, “Should I throw him a [...]

The People on the Plane

THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST There’s no way your baggage Will fit in the bin, Yet you somehow have faith That you’ll cram it all in! THE FREQUENT GOER Lady in the window seat, Once again we’re on our feet. You sip your coffee, coke and tea, And fifty times you have to pee. THE SPIRITUAL TRAVELER [...]


Dawdler at the traffic light, Do you intend to take all night? It’s long been green, yet there you wait. Just what is there to contemplate? The cosmos on a turtle’s back? Recurring themes in Kerouac? The riddle of the ancient Sphinx? The strange allure of Jar Jar Binks? What means or method can there [...]