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Category Archives: Business

Cursed Cups

There are Scrooges making Cratchits sing the bleak December blues. There are Grinches stealing Christmas from the unsuspecting Whos. There are nasty Mr. Potters out to bleed the paupers dry, And now it’s evil Starbucks making baby Jesus cry! They’ve simplified their Christmas cups to basic red and green, Though the Bible tells us Jesus [...]

For the Fairer Sex

Girls are girls and guys are guys. Their tastes and talents rarely mix. So ladies, just for you — Surprise! We’re introducing Bics for Chicks! They come in lovely fashion hues. (We know just how you get your kicks!) The nicest, cutest curlicues Are lightly penned with Bics for Chicks! Your hands are meant for [...]

Farewell to “The”

There is no “the” in iPad, As there is no “a” in Kindle. The article is déclassé. “The Wii” has clearly seen its day, And even hobos, so they say, Now pack their gear in Bindle. Those little words are past their prime. You heard it here in Daily Rhyme.

Out with the Deadwood

The path is cleared for innovation: Artificial cogitation, Robot servants, flying cars, Starbucks on the moon and Mars! A new 4-D computer screen, Phones that deconstruct Bakhtin! The future, brought to you by Mac. Jobs was holding Apple back!

Liquid Asset

The markets are all in a jittery mood. The Dow is in shambles, the NASDAQ is screwed. But there’s one thing to do when the panic sets in. I’m investing my money in Beefeater Gin! Beefeater Gin!  Beefeater Gin! I’m sinking it all into Beefeater Gin! When stocks are inflated and pop like a bubble, [...]

Wake Up and Smell the Fail!

The logo for Seattle’s Best Had richness, bite, a touch of zest. But recently it’s been revised And thoroughly homogenized. It once was bold as pure espresso. The new design is clearly less so! Whoever made the change, I’ll bet They hadn’t had their java yet!