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Clash of the Clichés

As long as we’re bringing the Kraken to Greece, Let’s throw in some mobsters and crooked police! Let’s bring in King Kong and some Injuns with arrows, Some Mexican bandits with giant sombreros! Some Japanese monsters that vomit up flame, The Alien out of the film by that name. A Wolfman, an Orc, or a [...]

Song of the Bleeding Obvious

A dollar is a hundred cents. A chicken has no lips. Waiters tend to take offense When given lousy tips. William Shatner overacts. June comes after may. Politicians skew the facts And Ricky Martin’s gay!


A gripping, fast-paced drama is the acme of the arts. A really funny comedy is done before it starts! It seems a finely-crafted film has time-constricting powers. Unlike the average Oscar night, which lasts a thousand hours.

Because she’s not getting enough airtime already…

Palin is pitching a show for TV! It may air on Fox, or perhaps NBC. With its scenes of Alaska, it’s stunning to view, But it suddenly ends when she quits halfway through.

Something Rotten in Burbank

I ask, “To watch or not to watch?” For that’s the burning question. To suffer Leno’s finite jest And thus risk indigestion? His disposition’s antic, true, But stale as day-old beer. The Prince of Denmark had a point. The time is clearly out of joint. “Tonight” is SO last year!

Up the Academy!

The ten Best Picture nominees Are all extremely fine. While “Avatar” has raised the bar, Both “Up” and “Locker” shine! Yet I’d love to see their faces (It would put them in their places!) They would all be basket cases If it went to “District Nine!”

A Rhymester’s Lament

For seventeen years I’ve been doggedly rhyming. I’ve worked on perfecting my rhythm and timing. I’ve written in anapests, iambs and trochees For various readers from scholars to Okies! I’ve memorized Seuss for his wit and his beat. I’ve sat at Shel Silverstein’s metrical feet! I’ve tried to be clever and sometimes profound. And what [...]

Pee-Wee’s New Adventure

Hooray for Pee-wee Herman! He’s returned to former glory, bringing Chairry, Globey, Pterri, even Magic Screen and Floory! Mr. Herman had his problems, but his passion’s undeterred, and Conky says that “comeback” is the season’s secret word! The audience is riveted, though just a trifle antsy to see if he succeeds in keeping Johnsony in [...]

Back to the Late Shift

Leno, Jay Leno, you gave it a shot, But the network has spoken.  You’re out of your slot! They think you’ll do better in late night again, ‘Cause most of the viewers aren’t drunk before ten.

20 Years, 450 Episodes, and Counting!

They gave us “D’oh,” the Flaming Moe, and Duff’s delicious brew, Mr. Plow, “Don’t have a cow,” McBain and Snowball II, The wit of Bart, the Quik-E-Mart, and Brockman’s news reports. A world without the Simpsons?  Hey, I’d rather eat my shorts!