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At Saturday’s rally for sanity I was there on the very front line As I thrilled to progressive urbanity And displayed my satirical sign. And yet I had one reservation: Quite frankly, it gives me the blues That show hosts are leading the nation And comedy passes for news. Though I long for more facts [...]

The Infamous Monty Hall Problem

It’s confused the cognoscenti, For the logic is a bitch! When Monty makes the offer, Should you stay or should you switch? In this hard-to-crack conundrum Lies the beauty of the game. When a “zonk” has been uncovered, Can the odds remain the same? You may think they’re fifty-fifty, But your chance is still a [...]

Don’t Look B’ack!

Cathy’s lessons: Chocolate is a woman’s favorite snack. A day of swimsuit shopping can reduce a girl to “Ack!” A man is never sensitive. A mother always nags. And to syndicate a comic strip, you need at least four gags.

The Last Sing-Along

(To the tune of “Poor Jud is Dead“) Poor Mitch is dead, poor Mitch Miller’s dead. His hour is up, he’s sung his final song. The mourners chant a dirge, And perhaps he has the urge, But being dead, he cannot sing along. Poor Mitch is dead, now let the tears be shed. He’s gone [...]

The 100-Light-Year High Club

If I were Captain James T. Kirk, I’d be a love machine. I’d get with every babe I met. (So what if she was green?) From Altair 2 to Rigel 4 I’d make my plays and always score With Deltans, Saurians and more – Perhaps the Vulcan queen! Yes, random sex would be a perk If [...]

I want my own MacGuffin. It’s the thing I most desire. I’d commit a crime to get it. I would walk through hellish fire. I’d intrigue with shady characters, Although I might get shot. In my life’s absorbing narrative, It drives the very plot! I’ve vowed that I will never rest Until my quest is [...]

The Confusion Kid

Morita-san was quite sublime When playing the karate man. But strangely now, at remake time, The role has gone to Jackie Chan. Kung fu?  Karate?  It’s all good! In both you kick, in both you strike. I guess to suits in Hollywood, The martial arts all look alike!

Who’s Next?

Coleman ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’ no more, And Hopper has kicked, so I’ve heard. Should others now worry, Say Cher or Tim Curry? Or does Linkletter count at the third?                    

Missed Episodes

I can’t keep up with current shows. (It’s had a social cost). If I watched the big finale, I’d be absolutely Lost! But now that it’s no longer new, I’ll put it on my Netflix queue.

Movies I’ll Skip, Take 1

I’ve seen rugged jawlines and well-chiseled abs. I’ve seen gooey hair gel in generous dabs. I’ve seen brooding faces with full, pouty lips. So there’s really no need to see Twilight: Eclipse!