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Category Archives: Our Magnificent Language

Vocabulary Fail!

An odd little error I lately caught sight of Was use of “in lieu of” in lieu of “in light of.” I cringed as the dissonance rattled my head. Would we now use “in light of” in lieu of “instead?” But whether we’re authors of cookbooks or fiction, We all have occasional lapses in diction. [...]

Farewell to “The”

There is no “the” in iPad, As there is no “a” in Kindle. The article is déclassé. “The Wii” has clearly seen its day, And even hobos, so they say, Now pack their gear in Bindle. Those little words are past their prime. You heard it here in Daily Rhyme.

The Pun

The pun’s a simple verbal joke   that most of us eschew. And yet I readily admit, This irritating form of wit Has always seemed to be a hit   with geeks of high I.Q. It seems they like to torture words By making up a “play on nerds.”  

Whole Brain Goodness

Free Rice Dot Com has taught me much   through error and frustration. A heartwood extract’s known as “cutch.” A kolk’s an eddy (from the Dutch). I’m going to say “dudeen” and such   in daily conversation. So word by word and grain by grain I feed the world and stuff my brain!    

More on “My Wife and I”

In response to “Grammatical Gripe #2″ The Ridger writes: Well, I’m not so very good at rhyme, But this thing you hear all the time? It’s just the language on its way From Old English to modern day. Pronouns are in a state of change, They may seem awful, rude, or strange But it’s no worse than [...]

The Retronym

The retronym’s a useful word, A favorite of the language nerd. It’s coined when innovation’s done And then refers to Version One. To wit, our mail was simply mail Till e-mail forced the added “snail.” I had to wait till I was grown To learn a phrase like “land-line phone.” And no new tricks for [...]