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Category Archives: Arts and Music

Vitruvian Man

Vitruvian Man is a cage fighting fan. He tools around town in his old Chevy van. He’s covered with tats Showing dragons and bats Plus a butt-naked lady named Kokomo Fran. Vitruvian Man never eats him no bran. He slurps his Spaghetti-O’s straight from the can. Then he stops in the bar For a cold [...]

The Virtuoso

The man who plays the fiddle   has a gift for the sublime. He fingers with precision    while he bows in perfect time. He can handle tricky rhythms   and the toughest double stops. He commands a lengthy repertoire   from classical to pops. His legato (full vibrato!)   yields a tone that’s quite complex. He’s in it [...]

Noch Eine Kleine Musik

“A French museum has found a previously unknown piece of music handwritten by Mozart, a researcher said Thursday.” –Associated Press    They’ve found a new number by Mozart! An opus that’s never been heard! A remarkable find, The best of its kind Since the Beatles with “Free as a Bird!” But alas for the genius [...]