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Category Archives: Politics

Straight Shooter

I’m a guardian of justice And I keep my eyeballs peeled. My heart is filled with courage And my weapon is concealed. If I think you look suspicious, You’d be smart to cut and run. I’m the champion of the innocent, A good guy with a gun! I’m a fearless freedom fighter. I support the [...]

It’s a Long Wait for VA Health Care

Okay, first post in well over a year. The idea for this song recently popped into my head and I had to write it up. My apologies for the low quality of the video. I cobbled it together from images on the web, just to have some visual content for YouTube.

Prophet Motive

O great Mr. Silver! O marvelous Nate! Infallible wizard of FiveThirtyEight! You blew all our minds with the stats you were droppin’ And left the Republicans wailing, “Wha’ happen?” But honestly, now that you’re on such a roll, Why stop at some boring political poll? I’m dying to hear your oracular views On pork belly [...]

Willard of Oz

Mr. Romney took a journey on the road of yellow brick. He said to Oz the Powerful, “I need a favor, quick! As a seasoned politician, I can do the song and dance, but the voters never trust me, ’cause I haven’t got a stance! “I’ve flipped and flopped on health care. Global warming! Gun [...]

Odd Couple

In Sandy’s destruction, Obama and Christie Share tender embraces. Their eyes have gone misty. The chemistry’s stronger than brother with brother. You know that they’re giddily texting each other! There’s bliss in the air, there’s a bromance in bloom. Obama and Christie, my God, get a room!

The Debate In Brief

R. I can make our nation strong. O. Everything you say is wrong! R. Attacking me gets nothing done. O. Wrong again! (Besides, it’s fun.) R. I’ll restore our fortunes fast! O. With policies from decades past? R. Chaos in the Middle East! O. Well, bin Laden’s gone at least! R. Can’t just kill our [...]

The Debate In Brief

R. Bring back jobs? I know how! O. Notice how I’m feisty now? R. Hey, I’ve got a five-point plan! O. Just ONE point, and I’m no fan. R. Oil production dropped. O. It grew! R. Did not! O. Did too! R. Did not! O. Did too! R. Numbers all add up. O. Since when? [...]

American Heroes

All hail the noble brothers Koch! They’ve really got our backs! They’ve vowed to save the nation with their super-duper PACs! They’ll buy the best attack ads at a billion bucks a minute. If the Dems are reelected, then they’ll buy the House and Senate! For America and Liberty, they’ll now expand their reach. And [...]

Great Debate

Biden and Ryan, your zingers were flyin’. You kept us all riveted, round after round. The smirking was snarky. “You’re full of malarkey!” “You’re under duress to make up for lost ground!” “Cut taxes? And how!” “Oh, you’re Kennedy now?” You bickered and jockeyed to get the last word. You’ve each got a vision. I’ve [...]

Herding Cats

Alas for Mr. Lehrer! Moderating was a terror! His attempts to curb the candidates were very seldom heard. They’d meander and delay, Adding “I’d just like to say,” Or a little more aggressively, “I get the final word!” With the questions open-ended, They were cocky and long-winded. He would try to keep them focused, but [...]