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Category Archives: Gus’s World

Gus’s World 5

When I’m around, some people sneeze. Their eyes swell up, they sniff and wheeze. They seem a little ill at ease,   which only draws me close. I like to jump upon their laps And settle in for lengthy naps Or groom myself.  I think perhaps   it makes them less morose. Besides, I find it lots [...]

Gus’s World 4

Miracle Machine Our humans have given us many fine things Like big, cushy pillows and feathers on strings. But the greatest invention of woman’s or man’s Is that wonderful gadget for opening cans! Cans!  Cans!  Beautiful cans! That marvelous gizmo for opening cans! Whenever I hear its mechanical whir, My body responds with an audible [...]

Gus’s World 3

Collateral Damage The picture frames are off their hooks. A lamp is smashed to smithereens. The floor is strewn with mangled books And toppled stacks of magazines. A coffee pot is overturned. The stains are on the tablecloth. A candle holder’s cracked and burned. The good news is I caught the moth!  

Gus’s World 2

Nap Decision It’s not so very hard to choose The perfect place to take a snooze. The bed, the couch, a cushioned chair, A comfy pile of underwear, A closet full of cozy nooks, A bit of shelf between two books, The living room, the den, the hall, Or really, anyplace at all.    

Gus’s World 1

Sight Unseen Perhaps you wonder what I see,   the way I sit and stare. You search the space in front of me   and find there’s nothing there. No tiny moth has caught my eye, No microscopic gnat or fly, No speck of dust is floating by.   It’s only empty air. Have I gone mad?  Have [...]