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The Non-Anxiety of Influence

Dear reader, no, you’re not in error Seeing rhymes that echo Lehrer. Sentiments that seem much darker, Those I cribbed from Dorothy Parker. Yes, that sick and twisted story Has its roots in Edward Gorey. Jobs was on the mark, I feel: Good ones copy, great ones steal!

Special for Limerick Day

The limerick’s a curious item. It’s amusing to read and recite ‘em. They’re lightly poetic, Yet often emetic, For everyone thinks they can write ‘em!

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat.

I rack my brains for something new. Do I repeat myself?¬† I do! My mind’s not like that Whitman dude’s. I’m small, contain no multitudes.

Doggerel Bard

From the days of Edmund Spenser To the era of Millay, Great poets wrote in rhyming verse, Which then became pass√©. As the moderns have discovered, When you write of timeless love, You’ve run clean out of rhyme words After using up “above!” A sing-song verse now ranks among The worst poetic sins. But a [...]