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Category Archives: Money

Prophet Motive

O great Mr. Silver! O marvelous Nate! Infallible wizard of FiveThirtyEight! You blew all our minds with the stats you were droppin’ And left the Republicans wailing, “Wha’ happen?” But honestly, now that you’re on such a roll, Why stop at some boring political poll? I’m dying to hear your oracular views On pork belly [...]

How Not to Economize (A Song to the Tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Toothbrushes, tea bags and old windshield wipers, Light bulbs and paint and disposable diapers, Blackened bananas, all mushy and bruised, These are some things you should never buy used! Q-Tips and condoms and charcoal for grilling, Stretched-out guitar strings and Oreo filling, Bad-smelling blankets from people who’ve boozed, These are some things you should never [...]